Sprengel-Melk van Mariendaal

Oriental Shorthair, cinnamon, male

born 25. january 1980


Sprengel Melk  was not the first existing Oriental Shorthair Cat in the colour cinnamon. However he was the first officially registered.

Lively by Ineke Zegers, the chairman of the N.K.F. Club, Maria presented her Cinnamons at the cat show on the 19th April1980.  The committee checked each individual cat, as well as all recordings over genetics. Subsequently, Maria Falkena received the acknowledgment certificate for the " Cinnamons " presented.

Today the cinnamon orientals are recognized in all federations.


Breeder/Owner: Maria Falkena-Röhrle, Netherlands

 "Sprengel Melk" and Maria Falkena-Röhrle at the acknowledgment exhibition.


"Sprengel Melk"  January 1992 (12 years old) 


Litter of Sprengel Melk. Born 1984